The 6 SOLVE-principles for successful consultation

Proven Principles of our Consulting

Satisfied customers are the best endorsement for a consultant. Years of experience have shown us, what makes consulting services successful. 

1.  Multiprofessional team / network of experts
2.  Innovative Concepts on the Pulse of Time
3.  Efficient Project Implementation
4.  Clear Statements and Recommendations
5.  Handshake quality
6.  Practical solutions

1. Multiprofessional Team / Network of Experts

The health care and social services networks are complex. This requires know-how from different areas, from the health care professions and management to engineering and construction.  Our team and network is purposely composed of experts of all relevant professions, pooling the professional, social and methodological competencies. This allows us to put together a team according to the exact project requirements. 

2. Handshake Quality

A lasting partnership requires a high degree of trust on both sides. We appreciate the expertise and experience of our clients and their employees. The pooling of these competencies forms an excellent basis for the joint development of ideas and concepts. Reliability, timeliness and the willingness to „go the extra mile“, when needed, are an additional reason for customer relationships which have lasted for many years.

3. Innovative Concepts on the Pulse of Time

We view concrete questions and definition of tasks within a larger context. In-depth analysis makes it possible to recognize the relationships between individual facts, upon which we can build our sustainable concepts. Our marked practical orientation allows developed solutions to be implemente.

4. Efficient Project Implementation

The success of projects depends on whether or not the pending topics are treated in a structured and efficient manner.  In order for this to happen, an adequate interaction between the project members must be ensured.  This is the source of the creativity and commitment of the participants.

5. Clear Statements and Recommendations

Experience from more than 250 projects in 27 countries flows into our daily work as a consulting firm. Data analysis should not just provide figures, but should extract relevant information from them. Concrete reference values and benchmarks provide the basis for being able to develop future-oriented concepts and measures.

6. Practical Solutions

Successful management is based on making the right decisions in day-to-day work. Our customers can expect that we prepare information, ideas and concepts in such a way that they serve as a good basis for decision-making, which are also realizable. We support our clients in their implementation with an efficient project management and an accompanying organizational development.